About Us

WiBF creates smart and innovative business opportunities for its members. With a focus on results, action and innovation, and a passion for making a tangible impact in addressing gender diversity.

WiBF has worked in close collaboration with corporate members to develop an understanding of the business sense and strength behind gender diversity. WiBF’s programs have been designed to grow the pipeline of women across the mid-senior career stages of the industry. In addition, WiBF has engaged its membership in bringing innovation and technology to the finance sector.

By dissecting topical issues and challenges, the customised programs, top tier events and strategic networks assist members in meeting their business objectives. The organisation propagates the fundamental idea that institutions must embrace global diversity and innovation, in order to achieve their full potential.

Vision and Values

WiBF’s vision is to create a tangible impact on the Australian workplace such that member organisations actively grow the talent pipeline of professional women, particularly in the mid – senior career stages. The mission of the organisation is to work alongside member organisations to open up professional development opportunities, thought leadership and knowledge transfer for women who are in mid - senior levels of their career (7 - 20 years professional experience). By working in conjunction with member organisations, WiBF also helps to grow the pipeline of women in the mid-senior career stage and develop an awareness and understanding of the business sense and strength behind gender diversity and innovation.

Our core values centre around:

  • Passion for making a tangible impact in addressing gender diversity in the context of business performance

  • Focus on results, action and innovation

  • Commitment to collaboration and meaningful knowledge transfer with member organisations

Issues WiBF focuses on:

  • Providing a strategic network for women and men in the banking and finance sector
  • Access to targeted professional development for women to take on senior leadership P&L roles
  • Building systemic change into the pipeline of women at all career stages of organisations in the finance industry
  • Building thought leadership and knowledge transfer on innovation and disruptive technology
  • Creating opportunities for sharing leadership strategies

WiBF does this by:

  • Providing bespoke education courses
  • Hosting a wide range of customised events, designed to provide value-add and strategic engagement
  • Scholarships to talented women
  • Development programs centred around one-to-one mentoring and coaching