WiBF Events

WiBF events have been thoughtfully curated to strategically meet the needs of our members, based on member input and feedback.

The WiBF Event Offering is divided into 6 key categories: 

(a) Business Series Lunches, which are large events aimed at featuring pre-eminent speakers and talking through the high-level topics that our members feel are important to them, 
(b) Innovation Series , curated to bring together corporates and start-ups, to discuss technology and future trends in the finance sector 
(c) Leadership Series Lunches, which are boutique events designed for members to build strategic networks and to engage in dialogue with the speakers around a specific issue in the sector, 
(d) Deep Dive Thought Series, which is an intimate knowledge transfer session, curated to allow members to develop expertise in emerging topics that are becoming relevant to their industries.
(e) Next Gen Events, for those new to the industry looking to build their industry knowledge and professional network, 
(f) Bespoke Collaboration Events, such as the WiBF Annual Forum hosted by Deutsche Bank and the Macquarie & WiBF Innovation Showcase.